Dan Glennie, our diligent Drilling Operative Apprentice, recently joined Nicol of Skene and plays a crucial role in guiding the drilling process using locators and ensuring the rods are well-maintained.
Published on
November 7, 2023

Dan Glennie, an 18-year-old Westhill native, brought his lifelong ties to the community when he joined Nicol of Skene as a Drilling Operative Apprentice in June 2023. Dan has a passion for cars and a history of playing football, and weekends find him balancing gym sessions with catching up with friends over drinks.

In his role, Dan employs the locator to guide the rig operator, ensuring precision in alignment with the bore plan. His responsibilities extend to vital rod maintenance, where he meticulously ensures sufficient grease and secure caps to prevent contamination.

Before embarking on his apprenticeship journey at Nicol of Skene, Dan pursued construction crafts at college, reaching Level 5. Notably, he takes pride in being a part of the team that achieved Nicol of Skene's longest drill.

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