Civil Engineering Solutions

Welcome to Nicol's Civil Engineering Solutions page. With a diverse clientele ranging from industrial and commercial sectors to housing, water, and local authorities, we take pride in delivering exceptional civil engineering solutions for a broad spectrum of projects.

Major Roadworks and Carriageway Construction

Our expertise in major roadworks and carriageway construction ensures safe and efficient transportation infrastructure. From planning to execution, we navigate complex road projects with precision and excellence.

Flood Prevention and Drainage Installations

Protecting communities and properties is our priority. Our successful flood prevention schemes and drainage installations contribute to secure and sustainable environments.

Groundwork Packages and Site Clearance

From groundwork packages for house building projects to expert site clearance, we lay the foundation for seamless developments.

Sewer and Infrastructure Works

We specialise in sewer and drainage installations, ensuring reliable systems that integrate seamlessly. Our expertise in infrastructure works contributes to robust community development.

Hard and Soft Landscaping

Transforming landscapes is an art we excel in. Our hard and soft landscaping services create aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly environments.

Car Parks and Street Lighting

Functional and well-designed car parks are our expertise. Illuminating communities with precise street lighting installations ensures safety and efficiency.

Water Infrastructure Works

Essential services demand expertise. Our water infrastructure works, including water mains and pipeline projects, meet the needs of growing communities.


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Our civil engineering solutions transcend sectors, leaving a lasting impact. Explore our showcased projects and contact us for inquiries or to collaborate on your next venture.

Culvert Replacement

Civil Engineering
Nicol of Skene successfully replaced an existing with a composite steel-reinforced pipe, addressing complex challenges such as high water flow and weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted water flow through the new culvert in Glenugie, Peterhead...
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