Jordan Cargill, our experienced Drilling Chargehand, ensures precise and safe drilling operations, collaborating closely with the Drilling Operations Manager.
Published on
November 7, 2023

Meet Jordan Cargill, our seasoned Drilling Chargehand, a cornerstone at Nicol of Skene since June 4, 2010. As a child growing up, he had a passion for diggers, but into his teen's he was tempted by a career in oil and gas. Much to Nicol's delight, joining the team at 16, his passion and inner child for digger's resurfaced and a career in the construction industry shaped his future.

Jordan's commitment has seen him rise through the ranks, from a general site operative, to Civils' Chargehand, to the Drilling Team as an operative, and finally, our Drilling Chargehand.

When he's not steering drilling operations, you'll find him enjoying a robust full Scottish breakfast or dedicating weekends to family, friends, and personal DIY projects.

Jordan's role involves meticulous planning, briefing the squad, overseeing rig checks, and driving the rig during operations. His coordination with the Drilling Operations Manager, ensures seamless progress.

From his first job in a bakery to becoming an indispensable part of Nicol of Skene, Jordan embodies the spirit of teamwork and continuous improvement. His go-to advice: "Always assume someone needs a hand!"

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