Nicol of Skene Prepares for Trades Awards 2023

Nicol of Skene's commendable achievements in trades and construction are acknowledged as finalists in multiple categories at the upcoming Trades Awards, reinforcing their commitment to excellence.
Published on
August 15, 2023

Anticipation is building as Nicol of Skene eagerly prepares to take part in the upcoming Trades Awards 2023, scheduled to be held at the prestigious Ardoe House Hotel on October 27th. This highly anticipated event promises to be a momentous occasion, showcasing the pinnacle of achievement and excellence within the local business community.

Nicol of Skene's commitment to exceptional service, innovation, and outstanding contributions within the industry have earned the company recognition as a finalist in several coveted categories. As the event draws closer, Nicol of Skene is honoured to be considered for the following prestigious awards:

  • Best Large Trades Business: Nicol of Skene's sterling reputation and dedication to excellence have positioned it as a strong contender in this esteemed category.

  • Excellence in Health and Safety: The company's unwavering commitment to the highest safety standards underscores its place among the finalists in this crucial domain.

  • Outstanding Customer Service: Nicol of Skene's customer-centric approach and consistent delivery of exceptional service have earned it a well-deserved finalist spot in this category.

  • Rising Star (Ryan Dickie – Site Engineer): Nicol of Skene is proud to celebrate the nomination of Ryan Dickie, a promising Site Engineer, as a rising star in the industry, showcasing the company's investment in nurturing emerging talent.

As the October 27th event approaches, Nicol of Skene looks forward to the opportunity to engage with peers, connect with the local community, and celebrate the collective achievements that shape the North-East Scotland business landscape. The Trades Awards offer a platform to highlight the region's thriving businesses and their contributions to the growth and development of the area.

Stay tuned for updates and coverage as Nicol of Skene prepares to make its mark at the Trades Awards 2023, an event that celebrates excellence, innovation, and the dynamic spirit of the North-East Scotland business community.

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