Nicol of Skene Shines at Echt Show 2023

Nicol of Skene's presence at Echt Show 2023, backed by CEO Derek Nicol's local ties, highlighted community support, featured impressive machinery displays, and fostered connections with the local workforce.
Published on
August 15, 2023

The Echt Show, a beloved fixture in the North East of Scotland's event calendar since 1853, witnessed the vibrant presence of Nicol of Skene on July 8th, 2023. This charming agricultural show provided the perfect platform for Nicol of Skene to connect with the local community, showcase its remarkable machinery, and engage in meaningful conversations.

As a testament to its commitment to the region, Nicol of Skene proudly sponsored the Echt Show for another year, reinforcing its deep-rooted ties. Since 2013, the company has been the main sponsor, a tradition stemming from CEO Derek Nicol's youthful connection to Echt as a member of the local young farmers.

The NOS trade stand stood as a lively hub of activity, capturing the essence of Nicol of Skene's diverse capabilities. Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, visitors had the chance to admire the impressive ANCHORATOR (Suction Excavation Machine) and the cutting-edge Volvo 14T Digger on display. A highlight of the display was the Takeuchi digger, which showcased its GPS precision by crafting the intricate Thistle Maze on the enchanting grounds of Balmoral Castle.

The Echt Show experience extended beyond machinery, as attendees young and old indulged in engaging activities. From the entertaining "guess the balloons in the digger" challenge to the creative colour competition and the delightful dig for gold game, laughter and excitement filled the air.

The event served as a valuable opportunity for Nicol of Skene to engage with the local community, field inquiries about significant projects, and connect with the next generation of potential construction professionals. As the sun set on the Echt Show, Nicol of Skene's spirited participation left a lasting impression, embodying its dedication to local support, innovation, and community collaboration.

Stay tuned as Nicol of Skene continues its journey of making positive contributions, embracing innovation, and fostering connections within the North-East Scotland region and beyond.

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