Supporting Friends of ANCHOR Golf Gala

On Friday, September 1, 2023, Nicol proudly supported the Friends of ANCHOR Golf Gala, with its team participating in a challenging day of golf and camaraderie
Published on
September 10, 2023

Nicol of Skene proudly took part in the annual Friends of ANCHOR Golf Gala, reaffirming its commitment to supporting the local community and charitable causes. As an Eagle sponsor, Nicol of Skene joined forces with a host of enthusiastic participants for a memorable day of golf and camaraderie.

The team, comprised of Derek Nicol, Lynn Nicol, Peter-Jon Cowe, and Stephanie Nicol, embarked on a challenging day of golf, aiming to clinch the top spot among the more than 40 competing teams. While victory proved elusive on this occasion, the team's spirits remained high throughout the event.

The Texas Scramble format provided the perfect backdrop for a day of friendly competition and skillful play. Despite not emerging as the champions, the Nicol of Skene team reveled in the opportunity to connect with fellow participants, all united by their support for Friends of ANCHOR's noble cause.

The festivities continued well into the evening at the exquisite Gala Dinner hosted at the prestigious Chester Hotel, where attendees shared stories, celebrated camaraderie, and raised a toast to the success of the event.

Nicol of Skene has been a steadfast supporter of Friends of ANCHOR for several years, contributing through various avenues, including fundraising events, sponsorships, and volunteer efforts. The Golf Gala was another testament to Nicol of Skene's commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

As the day concluded, Nicol of Skene remained proud to have played a part in such a meaningful event and looked forward to future opportunities to support Friends of ANCHOR's vital work.

Stay tuned for more updates from Nicol of Skene as it continues its mission of driving positive change within the North-East Scotland community.

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