May 23, 2024

Ballater Golf Club – SSEN

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Nicol of Skene was contracted to improve access for SSEN to their equipment at the Ballater Golf Club in May 2024. The project involved removing existing fencing and footpaths, cutting back trees, forming a new road, and installing various features to ensure functionality and a high-quality finish.

Machinery Used:

  • 3cx wheeled excavator
  • 8 ton tracked excavator with a height restrictor
  • 4 ton tracked excavator with post hammer attachment
  • 120 roller

Project Outcome:

The project was completed within five weeks, and both SSEN and Ballater Golf Club were delighted with the standard of work.

Graeme Gill from SSEN commended us for a quick turnaround from initially looking at the project to completion within only 5 weeks.

SSEN and Ballater Golf Club are delighted with the standard of work and wanted to pass on the positive feedback to all.

This project exemplifies Nicol of Skene's diverse capabilities in civil engineering. From groundwork preparation and access road construction, our skilled team ensures projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

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