September 13, 2023

Balmoral Thistle Maze

King Charles III
Civil Engineering
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Nicol of Skene recently had the privilege of realising a remarkable vision for His Majesty King Charles III at Balmoral Castle—an intricately designed thistle-shaped garden maze. This prestigious project not only exemplifies our commitment to precision and craftsmanship but also highlights our ability to transform unique ideas into inspiring realities.

Starting on March 27, 2023, our team set up the site, laying the foundation for this extraordinary landmark. The King and his staff visited our project several times, bearing witness to the maze's progress, and we were deeply honoured to be a part of this memorable journey. The maze, constructed with meticulous care, now awaits the planting of hedging and is set to open to the public in October.

To bring this vision to life, we undertook a range of tasks. We stripped 1200m² of grass, excavated 297m² for hedging tracks, filled them with compost and topsoil, and set 550m of 150mm deep aluminium edging. Additionally, we created 313m² of paths topped with Bogentassie dust and laid 590m² of turf around the maze.

One of the unique challenges we faced was shaping the edging to match the intricate design of the maze. To aid our team on-site, we acquired a new 6-ton Takuchi slew with GPS technology, which significantly improved our efficiency.

We collaborated with various partners and suppliers, including Bogentassie, JMS, Keenans, Sitech, Rototilt, and Green-tech, to bring this project to fruition.

For a closer look at this remarkable project, please visit this link.


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