March 22, 2024

SSEN electric connection - Rubislaw Den North

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
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At Nicol of Skene, we’re committed to delivering reliable solutions for our clients.

Recently, we completed a project at Rubislaw Den North where we utilised our growing specialist fleet of equipment to problem solve and get the job done!

As Horizontal Directional Drilling specialists, we made use of one of our newest additions the PS60 drilling rig. SSEN required the installation of a new 63mm duct for electric cables without digging up and reinstating the homeowners driveway.

Our drilling rig requires to be situated at the depth of the required drill, Nicol’s used our Suction Excavator for safe and efficient removal of material around existing live and dead utilities within a footpath to create the launch pit for the rig.

A job in the granite city made for difficult conditions for our drilling rig, with underground rock formations located in the drill location. Our team thrives on problem solving and overcame the challenge of rock, existing utilities, a small reception pit close to the house requiring the connection, and a tight time limit for completing the works.

We maintained close collaboration with both SSEN and the homeowner throughout the project. This collaborative approach ensured everyone remained informed and facilitated a smooth operation. In Rubislaw Den North, we achieved this with zero damage to existing services or property and, most importantly, no disruption to the homeowner's daily life.

"Myself and my colleagues involved with the project were delighted with all aspects of Nicol's work, from timescales all the way through to the final reinstatement works.

We were extremely impressed with the drilling works as we were very sceptical at first given our lack of experience / exposure to this type of works. Communication with works onsite and planning were expertly handled by Liam.

Brilliant job to be involved with and made a lot easier by Nicol and their level of professionalism.

Here's to the next one."

Greg Warrander, Network Integrity Engineer, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks


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