September 12, 2023

Patio Works

Private Client
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Nicol of Skene embarked on an exciting project from May 9th to May 17th in Inverurie. The mission at hand was to enhance an existing patio area, with a primary focus on expanding and elevating its functionality to create a more spacious and usable outdoor environment.

This undertaking posed two notable challenges to the team—access and the ever-unpredictable Scottish weather. To overcome these obstacles, a fence panel was removed, providing improved access to the work area. This adjustment paved the way for a smoother workflow despite the region's unpredictable climate.

Nicol of Skene's expert team relied on specialized equipment to carry out the project efficiently. A micro digger and a power barrow played pivotal roles in lifting the existing patio and transporting materials, ensuring the project's success.

Collaborating closely with CMD Stone, Nicol of Skene secured high-quality slabs and walling materials, emphasizing a commitment to delivering impeccable results. This partnership ensured the project's exceptional finish, showcasing the company's dedication to quality.

The end result is nothing short of stunning—a remarkable transformation that amplifies the patio's spaciousness, enhances its brightness, and significantly improves its functionality. This project exemplifies Nicol of Skene's unwavering dedication to delivering extraordinary outcomes.

Client satisfaction stands as a testament to this commitment. Following the successful completion of driveway works for a private client, Nicol of Skene's exceptional service earned them a second engagement—this time to transform the client's back garden. Despite the project's tight working conditions, the team delivered on time, and the striking before-and-after photos vividly portray the remarkable transformation that left the client absolutely thrilled.

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