October 3, 2023

Westhill Nursery

Westhill Nursery
Civil Engineering
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Nicol of Skene was approached in April 2023 by a member of the Westhill Primary School Nursery staff with an inspiring vision for their outdoor space. The nursery was seeking support and donations to entirely revamp their outdoor area, creating a more enriching environment for the children.

Upon hearing about this wonderful initiative, Nicol of Skene didn't hesitate to offer its services. Our Small Works Manager met with the nursery staff to delve into their vision and bring it to life. The scope of the project encompassed various aspects, including lock block, tarring works, artificial grass installation, landscaping, and the realisation of a hand-drawn concept from the nursery staff.

During the works, the children of the nursery who were there through the summer holidays took a great shine to our workmen on site. Often sitting and watching the diggers at work and asking some great questions as the Nicol Team created their new outdoor space.

The project wasn't without its unique challenges, particularly in the precision required for cutting turf to create the desired curves. However, the team's expertise prevailed.

Ultimately, the Westhill Nursery Project was a resounding success, as Nicol of Skene transformed the staff's vision into a practical and safe outdoor space that stands up to the unpredictable Scottish weather. The nursery children now enjoy a beautifully landscaped, level playing surface where they can learn and play!


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